Sewer Camera Inspection & Sewer Video Inspection Atlanta


When it comes to any type of sewer pipe repair your best defense is to be armed with accurate information.  When you have accurate information this save your time and money as you not having to guess where and what the problem is.  This is why The Pipe Medic is heavily invested in sewer cameras that do inside the pipe video inspections.  Our cameras travel inside the pipe and are able to record and identify the exact source of the problem. We offer the best pipe diagnosis in the state of Georgia.

Different size pipes require different size camera.  For instance, a residential “push camera” that you would use for 3 or 4 inch pipe you could not use for a 12 inch pipe.  The 12 inch pipe would require a different camera, one that is commonly referred to as a “crawler camera”.  These camera are very expensive, some of the are in excess of $100,000.

We offer sewer camera inspection Atlanta residents can rely on, from pipe sizes 2 inches all the way up to 96. So call us if you need the most thorough and comprehensive sewer video inspection Atlanta has to offer.  All of our inspection reports are uploaded to Youtube or can be sent to you via a USB drive.