Trenchless Pipe Repair Atlanta


If you’re looking for the best and most economical trenchless pipe repair Atlanta has to offer then look no further. The Pipe Medic is committed to identifying your plumbing problem, finding the root of the cause and providing you with complete options for repair.What we won’t do is sell you repairs you don’t need. What we will do is make sure you understand what caused your problem , what we can do to fix it and what we can do to make sure you don’t encounter the same problem again in the future.

Trenchless pipe repair has been around for approx 15 years.  In terms of trenchless repair for residential customers, here in Georgia, has been around for approximately 8 years.  It is gaining in popularity and more and more of our customers who call us ask for it by name.  Once a customer fully understands the benefits of trenchless vs. traditional excavation repair then the choice is quite simple.  With digging up or excavating your property this old way of doing sewer pipe repair can take up to a full week to be accomplished.  However, with cipp trenchless pipe repair you are looking at less than 24 hours to have your sewer pipe rehabilitated. Also, another deciding factor is it cost less and comes with a lifetime warranty.  So which you rather a choose?  We think we already know your answer.

We have been repairing sewer pipes with our trenchless method for nearly 8 years now. Our expertise is truly second to none. We encourage each and every one of our prospective customers to ask about our customer reviews.