Time to Make Room For the New When It Comes to Sewer Repair

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trenchless sewerIt’s natural to fall back on old and faithful methods — the things your dad did to maintain his house, the tried and true methods. A lack of trust in the new and innovative is without a doubt a safe way to go about delicate home repairs, but not if it’s costing you time, money and valuable time. That’s why, when it comes to your sewers and the repairs that you will inevitably have to get on them, educating yourself about trenchless sewer technology is — without a doubt — a necessity.

Why Should I Go Trenchless?
Do you like your lawn, your concrete walkways, your carefully pruned trees and hedges? If you do, and you’re like 73% of consumers who say they’d pay more for sewer pipe replacement if it would preserve the existing landscape, patio, and deck, then the trenchless way is the way for you. A trenchless plumber only needs two access points, one at each end of the offending pipe, in order to complete this genius repair method. Not only that but trenchless sewer replacement is cleaner, safer, and typically saves homeowners about 40% when compared to the cost of a traditional sewer replacement.

What Exactly IS the trenchless sewer repair method?
Trenchless sewer technology entails the use of a ground-breaking new technology — CIPP, or cured-in-place-pipes, which are jointless, seamless pipes-within-pipes that have the capability to rehabilitate pipes ranging in diameter from six to 110 inches! It’s pretty amazing how far innovations have spread and can seriously improve your daily life.

We all know sewer function is essential to our daily lives, and therefore sewer repair is far from avoidable. But why make it any more painful than it needs to be? Trenchless methods have been around for 15 years, and yet most homeowners don’t know about this option that will save them time, and more importantly, a serious headache.

Sometimes, it’s time to abandon the old and make way for the new. Don’t sacrifice the well being, health, and sanitation that you and your family deserve by getting sub-par essential home repairs. Your house is literally your temple — enjoy it to it’s fullest possible functioning for as long as you can.

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