Sewer Replacement & Sewer Repair Atlanta


We understand that nobody wants to have to deal with a problematic sewer repair. It can be costly and be the cause for a lot of stress.  Most customers don’t even know where to begin when a sewage backup affects their home.  It is a situation no one wants to be faced with, however, the reality is at some point you are probably going to have to deal with a sewer repair caused by roots in the pipeline or a broken sewer pipe.

What we can tell you here at The Pipe Medic, is that we take 100% of the stress and worry away so you don’t need to be freaked out by untimely sewerSewer_repair_Pipe_medic_2 pipe problem.  We are experts are fully diagnosing any faulty or broken pipe situation and can have you back up and running in less than 24 hours in most cases.  Not only that, we offer lifetime warranty on our trenchless pipe lining work so you can rest assured that if you have to deal with this one time, you will not need to deal with broken sewer again.

With The advent and development of new sewer and pipe repair techniques you don’t need to dig up your property anymore.  When you resort to digging or excavating your property just to fix a broken sewer pipe you must also take into consideration the cost to put your yard back to its original condition.  It’s one thing to fix your bad pipe  but it’s entirely different to factor in the expensive cost to put it all back together.

Are you looking for the best sewer replacement and sewer repair Atlanta has to offer? Then look no further. If you have a slow draining sewer pipe or a pipe that is not draining at all then pick up the phone and call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE.  You will be happy you did so you can leave the worrying with us!