Residential Sewer Repair Marietta


If you’re looking for the best residential sewer repair Marietta has too offer then look no further. Here we have another example of where a trenchless sewer liner was able to help out a customer with not having to dig up their property.  This customer had a custom front porch where the sewer line ran underneath it.  The customer did not want to dig up or tear up the porch whatsoever.

When we got the call, we immediately sent a tech out to do a thorough video camera inspection.  Sure enough the customer had a break in her clay sewer pipe and in fact it was directly under the front porch.  After showing our findings to the customer she agreed to have The Pipe Medic perform a sewer pipe lining.

The entire repair was only 32 feet long and we are happy to report the entire cost to line the sewer pipe all the way out to the city sewer was less than $3,500.  The customer was very happy she did not have to dig up her porch and that cost to the sewer pipe repair job.