Residential Sewer Repair Atlanta


If you’re looking for the best residential sewer repair Atlanta has too offer then look no further. Trenchless sewer pipe lining in Atlanta, GA  is quickly becoming the most requested service we offer.   Not too long ago customers did not know about trenchless pipe rehabilitation.  We received a call from a concerned customer where the customer had two large trees in her front yard.  These were shade trees and the customer did not want to destroy them.

Our technician went out and ran a sewer camera and determined that in fact the customer had tree roots inside the line.  It was causing her line to backup every so often, however, after the latest backup the customer wanted a permanent fix so she called The Pipe Medic.

After the diagnosis it was determined she was a great candidate for trenchless sewer pipe repair so she agreed to have the work done. The following day we went out and lined 76 feet of four inch cast iron sewer pipe and did the whole job under $7,500.  The customer was very happy that we were able to repair the entire sewer line and she was able to keep her shade trees.