Why CIPP Sewer Repair is a better option as compared to traditional methods

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CIPP Sewer RepairWhen you are having trouble with your sewer, you need to find a contractor that is able to repair your damages fast, and without any damages. When a sewer bursts, you do not have a lot of time to be picky, but one wrong choice and you might end up with bigger problems than you bargained for. The most important things to know before choosing a contractor is the method he plans to use, and of course the price.

So, what exactly is the CIPP method of repair? CIPP, or Cured In Place Piping is a less invasive option that can be used to repair common sewer line issues. CIPP – also known as trenchless repair features joint-less, seamless work, which comprises of placing a new pipe within an existing pipe. The pipes can rehabilitate other pipes from 44 inches to 110 inches in diameter! Simply put, the contractor simply builds a new pipe within your old pipe.

Why is CIPP the better option?

Traditional sewer repair tends to have more digging and excavation to remove the broken and cracked pipes for replacement. This tends to leave your driveway dirty, or destroyed, your landscape messed up, and other structures destroyed as well. Traditional sewer introduces contaminated waste into landfills when it is disposed of. Such destructive methods associated with traditional sewer makes CIPP the better option. With CIPP, you can keep the existing landscape and features without any worries of destruction during repairs. The pipe repair specialists do not need to tear up your lovely landscape to get the pipes fixed.

You do not need to dig or destroy anything. Trenchless sewer repair allows the contractor to repair pipes underneath existing structures without any disruptions. This method is environmentally friendly and much greener as it reuses pipes that are already in the ground instead of creating new ones that will create waste.

Another reason why CIPP is the better option is due to the fact that it prevents soil disruption. By using existing pipes as the host for the structural liner, there is less soil contamination by the raw sewage that sometimes leaks through the cracks and breakages of the old pipes.

Advantages of Using CIPP

  • There is no destruction of your landscape, driveway, floors, or even walls.
  • Minimum disruption to your home.
  • Less digging since most of the work is done underground.
  • Because the traditional methods require a lot of digging and replacing of old pipelines, the process tends to be very time consuming. You have to account for the digging time, the pipe replacement time, plus the time it will take them to try and reset your lawn back to almost normal
  • It is less expensive than the traditional methods. Due to the simplicity of the trenchless sewer method, it is more pocket friendly
  • You will receive a 10-year parts and labor warranty on the liner that has a 50-year use expectancy!

The above-mentioned points are just some of the benefits you shall receive when you opt for the CIPP sewer method as opposed to the very evasive traditional methods. Plus, we all want a method that will have the contractors out of your space as soon as possible. CIPP is much faster than the traditional methods. The specialists are able to repair the pipes in as little as a few hours with little to no destruction to your beautifully manicured lawn.

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