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September 22, 2007

Marlins Ugly Season Winds Down Next Week

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It was tough blogging the Marlins this year, so I kind of didn’t.  I know you should stick with your team through the good and the bad but the way the Marlins played, especially in the second half, kind of made me sick.  Since the All Star break, no team has more losses then the Marlins do.  The ballpark is empty and ownership is still looking for a handout.  It just wasn’t a good year, in any aspect, for the Marlins.

There were some bright spots and those were Miguel Cabrera and Hanley Ramirez.  Cabrera would probably getting some MVP noise if he didn’t play for such a horrible team and for the fourth straight year, he’s driven in more then 110 runs.  And Ramirez is fighting it out for the batting title and he’s looking to surpass the 119 runs he scored last year.  He also has a shot and going 30/30 if he can belt two more homers.

The pitching, ah, it sucked.  At least the starters did.  The team ERA of 4.98 is pretty poor for a National League team and only Sergio Mitre had more then 10 starts yet had an ERA below 5.00.  Kevin Gregg has been a pleasant surprise though after the Jorge Julio train wreck the Marlins went through earlier this season.

What can you say about Dontrelle Willis. He’s just had a tough time and if he doesn’t pick up another, win it could be his first season ever that he didn’t win 10.  He should top 200 innings for the third straight time though, it’s just that 1.62 WHIP looks pretty out of place amongst his career stats.

So just a few more games left and another Marlins season will be in the books.  Good riddance to this one too.

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