Drain Inspection & Drain Cleaning Atlanta

Here at The Pipe Medic we are the most highly specialized trenchless pipe lining, drain Inspection & drain Cleaning Atlanta has to offer. We cover the entire state of Georgia and do a lot of our residential and commercial work in and around the Atlanta and Marietta areas.  We have established ourselves as industry leaders for all types of trenchless pipe rehabilitation and are also innovating new solutions as well. Our passion is the CIPP industry and we are committed to repairing and rehabilitating all types of pipes with little to no digging whatsoever.

Many contractors and companies  all  across the southeast will call us and and ask if we can consult or design new customized CIPP solutions fr their unique situation. .  A lot of the work we do cannot be accomplished by most other trenchless contractors out there today. So when it comes to more typical or routine jobs like most of the residential or commercial jobs require we are your best choice to get the job done right, one time and under budget.

One thing we understand quite clearly no two jobs are exactly alike.  Each trenchless liner repair job has its own unique considerations.  That’s why we here at The Pipe Medic meet with each and every one of our clients before any job gets started so we have a better understanding of the job itself. We don’t offer cookie cutter, one stop shop repair.  Since we guarantee our work we ensure we understand the pipe repair itself before any work is started.

If you have broken or faulty pipe then call us today and speak with one of our skilled technicians.